How To operate the Message Board

Brief instructions on how to do basic message board operations.

Read Messages in a String

In the Message Board Window, there is a list of TOPICS beginning with Welcome.  Click on Welcome see the Treads (message collections) under this topic.  Click on one of the threads, for example First Messages.  All the Messages in that thread, pertaining the start up of the message board, will appear in order of posting.  Use the slider on the side to scroll up and down.  Below the last posting is the Add your Message Here window used to post a new message on the end of the thread.


Post a new message

First, Only Members can Post Message.

Below the last posting in a thread is the Add your Message Here window used to post a new message on the end of a thread.  Add your message in the Post box.  Use the User Name and Password assigned.  When all is done, click Action: Preview to see how the posting will actually look.  Then if you like it click POST to actually add it the message thread.


If you are just entering a test message to see what happens, please enter it in the Message Test Area Thread.


If there are other topics you would like to add please post a messages in the New Topics Thread.


Starting a New thread

Under the last thread in ach Topic is a link Start New Thread. Click on that, and start your new thread, question or discussion.

Delete a posting

This is a secure message board and messages cannot be changed once posted.  Just send an e-mail to and ask to delete or edit it.


Suggest a new topic or Thread

Just send an e-mail to and suggest a topic to add.  If it falls in the guidelines it will be added.


Complain about a messages content

Just send an e-mail to detailing which posting is bothering you and why it is bothering you.  We will take appropriate action which may include removing the posting, editing the posting, and/or notifying the author.  It may take a few days, but some action will happen.


Blue Menu Bar under Topics

The Blue Menu bar under the main window is used primarily to find things.

Topics: takes you back to the list of TOPICS.

Last Day: displays all messages posted in the last day.  If you click on one you go to it.

Last Week: displays all messages posted in the last week.  If you click on one you go to it.

Tree View: displays all the topics and the threads within.

Search: allows searching all messages for a word or phrase.  A list of messages will be presented and you can just click to read them.

Help: are some formatting and general instructions for the message board.


Change your password

In the upper right corner of the message board there is a box to Edit Profile.  Click that box and you may change your password.  We have no method for recovering your password once changed. 

We can provide a new one of it is lost.

If you are concerned about some posing messages with your name, we recommend changing your password.


Lost password
Just send an e-mail to to request a new password.  It may take a few days, but I will get you a new one.  Passwords you enter are secure from everyone even me, so I will assign a new one if yours is lost.



There are a number of words that everyone may not be familiar with in message boards.  Many message boards just ignore structure to save time.  These terms are actually common to nearly every message board.  David


Topic: This is a major heading in the index of messages.  In a Topic there are a number of threads each of which begins with one posting.


Thread: This is a series of messages that are all related.  A Thread is started in a topic usually with a question.  Other members will respond with answers and post then on the end of the existing thread.  Later when anyone reads the original question, it is followed by the answers on the thread.


Posting: This is the message a user inserts into Topic as the beginning of a new thread (sub topic) or on the end of an existing thread to continue an existing discussion.