Gallery of Engines: Arranged by date entered into the gallery (Page 2)

The Florida Association of Model Engineers Gallery is a showcase of engines, craftsmanship, and design.  Click on a pictures for more details.

Roger J. Butzen 8/1/2002

  Ron Colonna 8/1/2002
Dale Detrich 8/1/2002
Dale Detrich


Ken Hurst


Ken Hurst 8/1/2002
Ken Hurst    8/1/2002
Bob Shores 8/1/2002


Bob Shores 8/1/2002



Gary R.Coldiron 8/1/2002



Heller Davis 8/1/2002



Heller Davis    8/1/2002


 Heller Davis   8/1/2002


  Bruce Harr     8/1/2002


  Bruce Harr 8/1/2002



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