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Benno G. Imbrock          Anadarko, Ok        8/27/2003

Bob Shores carburetor

I have just completed a Bob Shores carburetor for which he offers plans. I would like to make the following comments with regard to its construction.

This carburetor was made in close accordance with the plans that Bob Shores sells for a small carb that will run a 5/8" or 3/4" bore engine. It is self-compensating and of the drum design. I would like to caution builders to pay particular attention to the seating of the fuel adjust needle in the metering tube. Also make sure that the bolt holding the adjusting lever to the drum does not stick down into the venturi. Of course, the small hole in the side of the metering tube should mate with the hole in the end of the drum. Some of this is a little hard to explain, without personally talking to the people to whom you are trying to convey the info to. I tested my carb on a one-inch bore, two-cylinder engine of my own design. The engine ran perfectly on the carb that was on it. When I substituted the new "Shores" carb, it didn't run very good at all. I rechecked my work, made a new fuel adjust needle, and made sure this time that it seated in the seat built for it in the metering tube -- in other words, I could get a complete shut-off. I then reassembled the carb, put it on the two-cylinder test engine, and VOILA, everything came up roses. The engine will idle, rev-up and run at any speed in its reasonable range. I am pleased with Bob's design and intend to use it extensively on any other applications in the future.



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