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Dario Brisighella      Oak Creek, WI

1/4 Sized Red Wing Hit or Miss Engine

 I started the engine on Feb. 13th, 2004, and completed it today: April 2nd, 2004. Being retired
I could work on it almost every day. The bore is 1.250" and the stroke is 2.00". I made a few changes
from the original plans ie: The connecting rod is of aluminum, in a more congenital manner verse
the five piece one shown on the plans. The piston was changed to aluminum as well, verses cast iron.
The rings (2) are cast iron employing Bob Shores methods. That made making the rings quite easy
The engine is fitted with a Hall-Effect 9 volt ignition system from MAN Fabrication and is adjustable which
fits nicely in the wooden box on the skids. The original timing lever was retained only for appearance.

As shown, I spent some time on smoothing out the cast iron and brass/bronze components. ( I am
sure the original engines were left in a as-cast state), only cause I'm a glutton for punishment... The wife
will not allow me to start the engine in the house, so I'm waiting for some warm weather here in Wisconsin.


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