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Steve Peirce,     Uniontown, OH            2/8/2004

Hurricane,    1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, Hit and Miss, .?? bore X .?? stroke



 I completed the Fuel tank with working fuel gauge about 6 months ago.
 Tonight I cut the HAL sensor mount plate. I designed it to be adjustable, thou I'm not sure how well it will actually work out with being adjustable during operation, it looks nice.
 I started out machining the curved plate with screw slots on my turn table. I then filed the ends to a nice radius. I machined the lever from round brass stock and milled it flat on two sides with a slot to fit the curved plate and soldered them together. While my turn table was set to the radius of the adjustment slots in the plate, I drilled and tapped the holes in the frame side plate and drilled a hole in one of the flywheel spokes for the Magnet. I will insert the magnet as soon as I can verify the south pole! Cold here and ants are in short supply this time of year, so I may have to use Bob Shores alternative method!



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