Jim Albro                           Middleburg, Fl.          posted 3/28/2004               jalbro2002@wmconnect.com

Here are some pictures of my latest engines. The first one,  is a double acting, simple engine with a .75 dia. bore and .500 stroke. It has a solid ground crank, shown. The design is entirely mine, influenced by whatever I could find on the web about steam engines. Once it was broke in, it runs with just blowing into the inlet pipe. It was first run on compressed air about May of 2003.


My other engine,  uses the same size components, with the exception of the crank which has 2 throws, 90 Deg out so it is self starting. The next time I disassemble it for cleaning, I'll get some pictures of the crank. It was run the first time on compressed air Jan 2004.

The flywheels are some old cast iron casters that I found at the flea market. I reamed the holes true, plugged them and redrilled them to fit the motor shaft. Then they were turned to clean up and prettied up a bit.

These aren't as fancy as some of the engines I've seen, but I like to think they have a certain amount of modern look about them.  For the time being, I'll not start a new engine, but I'm working on getting these two to reverse.


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