Carl Age Anderson         Helsingoer Denmark      

5/13/2003  hello here are a picture off my hamilton upshur vertical engine a very nice engine tho made and a good runing engine

All my engine are built off scrap material I started 3 year ago first I made Atkinson's Cycle engine 3 month after the engine started after one weeks hard work with the flywheel it is a very nice running engine


after cycle I made Atkinson's Differential it is a more complicated engine to made you has to made fixture before you can hard solder the cylinder .The oscillating arm I made with a jeweler saw very hard work it is a very difficult engine it has to be very hot before you ken start .Butt  a very nice engine .


After I that I start with Philip Duclos engine first whatzit a strange looking thing but a good engine and people ask whatzit it is a good running engine. After y get a copy off Philip Duclos book y made six-cycle oddball it is a very nice engine to made and it is running like a watch I like slow running engine


My last engine is also a Duclos Gearless I don't think I was able to ever get the engine to run after some adjusting off the flipper it started I have made the flywheel off aluminum I like to work with aluminum and I ken get it very cheap maybe I have to made some off the thing ticker but it works fine for my
My last is also from Duclos a vacuum engine little blazer a very nice engine to made and a fast running but you have to heat the cylinder first after that it will run for hour





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