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Dario Brisighella      Oak Creek, WI

modified Loyal-Cycle engine      1/17/2010


This is the latest engine to join my array of engines. This is a modified Loyal-Cycle engine. The original designs date back to the late 1800’s. This engine was designed by Nick Rowland. He sells castings and even completed engines.

For more information go to; It is a nice project, not too complicated. The bore is .875” x 1.735” stroke.

The unique design is that the engine does not use valves to function. The porting design of the piston takes care of the intake and exhaust cycles. It is also designed to run on the vapors of the fuel. In this case the fuel is gasoline. It is much like a bubble tank and carburetor.

I have made a few changes to Nick’s original plans. He uses a cast iron piston and a steel connecting rod. I was concerned with the balance of the engine and made the piston out of aluminum and where he uses steel for the connecting rod I substituted aluminum again. The balance is much better this way.

I added the cooling fan system as well as the piston oilier. His design shows a points and a governor system for ignition. I elected to use the Hall-Effect, CDI ignition system from Ron Sholl; As I have adjustable advance and retard system I can control it’s speed easily. The engine I run as a throttled engine only, although his original design and plans allow the engine to operate as a hit or miss engine as well.

As the Loyal-Cycle design is so unique, I am in the process of designing a similar engine just a bit smaller though, employing conventional bar stock. The drawings are almost done and now all I need do is replenish my own bar-stock. I am sure there will be changes to my drawings as work progresses. There always are…! I plan on selling copies of the plans when I prove the design.


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