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Jeff Conner                     Baldwinsville, NY       

Bill Electric Plant              10/23/2009          

Attached are a few photos of my Bill Electric Plant. The Bill engine is one of Jerry Howell's designs. This is the engine with the troublesome propane carburetor we have been discussing. It runs VERY nicely now, starts easily, and is now ready for the shelf, if I can ever stop playing with it. The engine is a 1" x 1.25" bore x stroke, 4 stroke design with an atmospheric intake valve. The generator is a belt driven PM Research DYN-1 dynamo kit rated at 12vdc no load. I have it regulated at 6.5 v output so the 6.3v lights can be turned on and off, and the engine speed varied without any noticeable change in lighting intensity. It regulates within less than 0.1 v. The generator voltage regulator, and the CD ignition system are installed within the wooden base. The red LED is the ignition timing indicator light. The propane system is comprised of the Weber "Go Anywhere" portable gas grill regulator, and the standard Tecumseh parts demand regulator.  The cooling system is an evaporative type that works very well for extended running time. The cooling pump is a brass gear type. It is a nice compact model for shows requiring only a propane bottle and some water. One photo shows the Bill running under load a 0.8 amp load. The generator is rated at 1.0 amp at 10vdc. Thanks again for your help.


a 4.5 minute video on YouTube is at


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