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Mike Walters,    London Ontario Canada       6/1/2009

NGEZ-1 .056 cubic inch compression engine

Bore .437,   Stroke .375,   Max rpm (on this specific engine) 10 800 on a 6-3 prop.


I bought the plans from Joe Webster for this engine after another diesel I built failed to run (regardless of what I did).
The plans are very well drawn and the design is also very well thought out.
The engine ran right away and will hand start now after 20-30 flips.
I went through aluminum connecting rods quite frequently in the start and ended up switching to steel with very little difference in performance.
I changed the carb to lean forward slightly to give me some extra air going in the ventury and made a custom stand for it as well.
Tha base is polished and the post end engine brushed and polished (these engines are messy and the brushed finish is easier to clean).
I am satisfied with the outcome and it is a fun little engine to run..........with ear plugs !
The machining on this engine is basic in my opinion and the plans are great......I am sure it could be attempted and completed by most novice machinists.
Feel free to mail me in person with any questions you may have about the engine.

Mike Walters


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