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Chuck Rhoades            Hernando , MS      

Parcel and Weed  -  Vertical Engine    10/15/2006

I first saw a picture of one of these on the Smokstak web site in Wayne Grennings pictures. I knew instantly I wanted a model of one.

It took me a couple of months before I found the plans for the horizontal version is in a book sold by Lindsay books called "Gas Engine Construction".

The book calls for castings to be used but I changed enough to able to machine everything. It is half scale with 1 1/4" bore and 2" stroke. the tank on the left is for water and the other is gas. Still need to polish them but may make them differently. They work for now.

Although I am not quite finished yet I ran it without the governor 10-12-06 and it did well. I am presently working on the governor for it. With 6 3/4" flywheels it should run nice and slow. Without the governor  I had to richen the fuel mixture to slow it down to keep it on the table while it ran.


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