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Charlie Radford,     Lansing, KS.,

Liney RV2: Four cylinder, horizontally opposed, rotary valve with compressed air or steam, bore 3/8", stroke 1/2", first run on 2 Jul 07

The engine was built from Liney Machine plans and is all bar stock aluminum, brass, delrin, and steel. I purchased the gears from Lance at Liney Machine in Spokane, WA, but made everything else.  The plans came in a nice bound booklet and were very detailed and easy to use.  All parts were made on a Cummins mini lathe and min mill. The rotary valve turns at one half crankshaft speed via the gears. I substituted delrin instead of brass for the pistons and used 2024 aluminum for the crankshaft for ease of machining.

The crankshaft turned out to be the most difficult part to make and I tried several times before succeeding. The pistons operate like a VW engine with the front two moving in and out together and the back two just the opposite.



The engine runs nicely on 40 psi of air.  It is self starting (most times anyway) and turns at about 200 rpm or so.


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