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Jim Volkening,     Cumberland County, NJ.,

Seymour    1/11/2006

Engine type: Air/steam double action vertical oscillator

Cylinder(s): One      Bore: ½ inch        Stroke: ¾ inch

First run: 16 January 2006



This engine is an adaptation of the PM Research Model 2A/2B double action oscillating steam engine. It was also inspired by Ed Warren’s design for “Lucy”, a single action oscillator made from Lucite. The clear acrylic standard and cylinder allow the viewer to see into the engine to better understand how it works. “Seymour” was first exhibited at the 2006 Cabin Fever Expo in York, PA, 20-21 January. Folks at the show seemed to appreciate the transparent design.  When this engine was shown to Gary from PM Research, his face lit up in amazement (I think he likes it!).


The engine is built primarily of acrylic as well as brass, bronze, and steel, then mounted on a turned Corian base. The hardware was changed from 5-40 to 4-40 due to availability.


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