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Richard Williams,                 Sweet Home, OR    2/3//2004    


This is a generator that I have built from castings to fit behind the two or three cylinder Fairbanks Morse.   A very good friend of mine, Karl Smith, made the patterns for me and he made them from looking at a drawing in a book.  Our club has a small foundry in one of the club members shop that we use to find out where all of the mistakes are in the patterns.  Now I have put the patterns on a pattern board to take to the foundry so I can make several casting kits.  The generator uses a Honda motorcycle stator and rotor.  It puts out seven volts and 1/2 amp at 650 Rpm's.  The brushes are just for show.   You will notice in the picture that the generator is driven with three magnets on each flange.  With this drive system the generator doesn't need to be lined up perfect to the engine.   I am going to add another six magnets so I can separate the two by .050 as the picture shows.  This generator can be direct driven or belt driven.

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