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Robert FilipiakAlpena MI             3/23//2008

  Zero-Six Engine

This hit & miss engine was built from plans by Dario Brisighella and featured in Model Engine Builder magazine. I hadn't built an IC engine before this, but as soon as I saw it on the cover of the magazine, I knew I had to have one! I started construction in August of 2006 and the engine made it's first run in September 2007. It has a 1.125 in. bore with a 2 in. stroke. The engine frame, base and most body parts are made from salvaged bearing brass which was sliced on a 6 in. bandsaw and milled to final dimensions.Flywheels are 6.625 inch C/R steel. Valves were made in one piece using the valve machining jig by William E. Thomas in issue #7 of MEB. The CDI ignition is from MjN Fabrication . The engine was first run using the standard carburetor from the drawings. Then I ran it on propane, and now I run it using a "bubble carburetor" designed by Jan Ridders of the Netherlands. I also made Dario's starting crank, but the engine starts so easily by just flipping the flywheel, that I rarely use it . However, it is a nice accessory to the engine and looks good on display.

The engine can be seen running on


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