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Joe Webster    Annapolis MD                         10/28/2004  

This is my first attempt at designing and building a model internal combustion engine. It is a
7/8" bore x 1 1/4" stroke, 4-cycle, spark ignition, throttle governed, gasoline engine. I'll be
first to admit that it's not "original" as I adopted ideas from published plans to design an
engine that was easy for the first timer to build with minimal tooling. Design of the engine
was started in May 2003 and building commenced shortly thereafter. First pops were in
January 2004 and plans were completed earlier this year.

The engine is simple and quick to build, starts easily on the first flip and will run about
14-15 minutes on an ounce of fuel (Ozark Trails camp fuel).  There's currently over 30
hours on this engine and it's still going strong.

As an incentive to get others involved with the building of model I.C. engines, and as a way
to return something to the model engineering community, more information and working plans
are available for free from my website.




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