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Steve Bazin,     NapaVine, WA     11/4/2006

My shop is mostly used items from eBay. The Grizzly metal saw and small knee mill are new, and a few Sherline accessories are new. I love old tool boxes.  Most are cheap because of broken or missing parts so I fix em up and use them. I would not trade an old one for a new one. They are the history of guys that made this great country run. My shop is a mess when I'm home for 5 days and then cleaned up the night before I head out on the road for 30 days. Love my shop. Hate my job, but I have made peace with it because it paid for everything in the shop. Last but not least I love this Website.



7/11/2010 Update

Hope to be moved into my new shop by this winter. I have two new lathes that I have to set up. A 6x18 atlas bought two years ago no eBay that was still on the original shipping crate. And a 12x36 Craftsman (Atlas), that has never cut metal that was on Craigs List in Portland,OR bought a year ago. The new 20x24 shop is for metal working only!! Was going to insulate and drywall but think I may just skip that, wire it up, put the wood stove and antique hotel lobby couch in it and start setting it up with mills and lathes.



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