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Jan Trollerud      Sandefjord, Norway                      10/02/2006

Here are some pictures for the Shop gallery.

A year and a half ago I had an electrical fire in my old shop which really was a set back, We manages to salvage my mill and Lathe and some hand tools, all else was lost. This is my now new, larger and improved shop, I am now sporting 3 phase 32amps so I ran out and bought a lager lathe.


Weiler Matodor Lathe:

This lathe is German produced, it sports revs from 30rpm to 3550rmp, very impressive. It also came with lots of goodies like collets, steady follower,

4 jaw chuck (independent and regular). 8 tool holders for the QCTP. Sony digital on the X-axis. I am looking forward to working in this machine. I just finished leveling it.

Harbouor Freight Gear Headed mill.

This is a good machine for its price, sturdy and solid. I also have Vices, turn table, clamp set, boring head, collets.

Myford ML7

This is a real nice Modeling Lathe from the UK. It is a 1950 model that I completely restored about 4 years ago. Lots of attachments for it and homemade stand.

Note in picture "Myford 2" picture, the home made read out with the help of a dial indicator and a old digital caliper...... works well.

Pegg Board and bench.

Yea I know its a mess.  It really takes time to get everything in order.... almost there. Note the Mic case.... burned! The wooden case was burned a bit but the mics where ok so I just sanded and kept it.


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