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Ernie Weinberg       Boynton Beach, Fl  02/12/2010

 You can clearly see, my shop sets a new standard for shop organization. Everything can be found at the drop of a pin, unfortunately it can take a long time to find the pin!

 My shop, cramped in half a two car garage, consists of a 12Ē SB lathe, a Chinese (Bridgeport type) mill adapted for CNC by my good friend Rich Goldner, drill press, horizontal hack saw, belt sander, grinder, air compressor, and tons of miscellaneous tools all arranged in the time proven random accesses system. I never can seem to find the time to get everything cleaned up because I enjoy machine work so much.


Iím a retired Mechanical Engineer. During my 50 year carrier I worked on Project Mercury & Apollo, the F4 Phantom, F11 aircraft, and night vision systems. I owned an AutoCAD dealership and lastly a balsawood importing and manufacturing company in California. Now living in a retirement community in South Florida, I enjoy my machine shop and life with family and friends. Quite frankly, Iím so busy I can never find the time to do anything!

 If youíre in the neighborhood, give me a call.



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