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Denis Martineau,    Quebec City ,Qc        11/02/2006

These are a few pictures of my shop.
The shop is 20' x 30', well hidden underneath my 2 stall garage! It shares the space with my woodworking equipment as well.

I started to gather equipment after I got some second hand stuff I sold, that was a couple years ago.

This is me with my girlfriend at the 2007 Detroit Belle Isle grand prix

For those who wander which one is my girlfriend ... she is holding the camera! :)

Just kidding, but wanted to share that with you guys.



This is an overview of the "Metal working area". 

As you can see, each machine has its own custom made dust cover. Sharing metal and woodworking equipment is a real mess as dust sticks to oil and makes a heavy mud.

I stole my girlfriend's sewing machine for a couple evenings to cook these. They are well worth the time to make them.










The tables are built from recycled material. 

I bought a lot of old government office desks from a surplus store. They are all made of 1-1/8" melamine and make very good raw material to start with, plus they are cheap, about 15$ for a 36" x 72" desk, including drawers with full extension slides! The milling and metrology table were metal frame table to which I added side panels and drawers / doors.

That's a steal @ about 20$ for each unit.

Notice, underneath the lathe, a home made set of small drawers to hold the small cutting tools, stones, etc. I even made matching knobs.

Stuck in between the mill and the lathe is the "Metrology" corner:

12 x 18 Granite surface, 12" Mitutoyo height gage, digital mikes, depth gages, calipers, telescoping gages, dial gages, radius gages, etc.

Next to it, a custom made storage cabinet to hold cut length of material up to 16", as well as 36" bar length in a vertical bin at the back of the unit.







This is my Craftex 10" x 22" model B2227L lathe. This is a Chinese lathe sold here in Canada by Busybee tools

It's got a gear head from 110 - 1620 rpm, cuts metric and imperial threads and is fairly strudy.

This lathe is actually a BVB25L 

It's got a few accessories:

follow rest,  steady rest, 8" face plate , 5" 3 jaw , 6" 4 jaw chuck and a too small QCTP  I bought on E-bay.

Someday I will install the digital scales and the DRO unit I built for it.


   This is my small milling machine, also a Chinese machine from the same maker than the lathe but found in a local classified add ... almost brand new.


I built a Schumatech DRO for it, which is missing the Z axis so far and the stand to hold the display.

What is nice is that it is quite sturdy, not too heavy (remember my shop is in the basement) and has a tilting head.


I added a large 6" groz vise, a 6" Vertex rotary table, a 5" sine vise and a clamping kit.

   A poor's man scale ... 


   The metrology corner and raw material warehouse :)





                                                                    My little 4" x 6" bandsaw.















An old Atlas 7B shaper, dating back to the late '50s.

I bought this from a guy selling a friend's estate. The machine is in fairly good condition as far as I can tell, no noise, no play in the slides. I only had to rebuild the  wiring since the wire were dried and all cracked and scared me to death.

I only whish I would know how to run this baby! Someday I will get down to it (feel free to send tips and uses for it)



A beefed up 3 ton arbor press I got from a local classified again. Notice the heavy duty stairway ... not to heaven but to the garage.


I also have some other fields of interest. I did many stained glass panels for our new house, did all the cherry wood cabinetry (thanks Dad!) and am sometimes playing with electronic circuits.

I also have setup a small Anodizing tank.  

Ideas and interests are not what is missing ... time and money are.  Can't wait to retire but that's still a long way to go.


May be more to come later.

For those of you who love engines ... a few pictures taken at the Detroit Grand prix

A big Banks Power twin turbo diesel engine in a race car.

A NASCAR engine                                                                                    The famous C5R Corvette engine


and a picture of the car our company sponsors in the American Lemans Series. Click here for more pictures.


















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