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David Kerzel,     Pompano Beach, FL       9/25/2006

There seem to be two types of workshops, clean ones and cluttered.

The table saw is a great work bench and the bandsaw table is too small to pile a lot on it.

Most of my work is done on this Grizzly 3 in 1.  It needed a little adjusting out of the box but works great for a under $900 machine.  I have added low cost digital readouts that help a lot.

This was my father drill press.  Navy surplus form the South Pacific after WWII.  He would have enjoyed all this engine stuff.

I also do wood turning.  The shop is too cluttered to make furniture now.  We have a local wood turning guild (click here to see some turnings).  Most of the shop has a layer of wood turning chips.  The biggest problem is the wood chips are bigger than the parts I normally make and if some thing gets dropped it is lost forever.

I use the Sherline for smaller parts.  It has less play than the Grizzly so the parts are better.  I have a magnifying light and like being able to get close to the part as it is forming.  I purchased it used and it came with the metal pan.  I put it on a card table to test it and it has been there ever since.

I also have this Sherline mill.  The work is hidden from easy view often and it has hand wheels without the zeroable scales which take a little more thought.  It works good and is very repeatable.


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