Foundry Tips and Information

The following is a list of related links and instructions relating to castings and how to make them for engine building and machine shop work. 

In older magazines and books that have articles about  building small engines from scratch castings were often part of the project.  The plans included how to make patterns and do the casting.  This page is to restart interest in this area of the project.

Members can forward images drawings and text to be posted.  Tips, fixtures, construction methods are what we want to share.  Members recommend a internet link that they think would be helpful to others
Please mail each  submission in a separate e-mail to keep images and text properly grouped.

Safety: Foundry work even at hove is dangerous.  Hot molten metal can splash, spill, explode causing personal injury, fire and much more.  There is a high risk of dangerous fumes if the wrong materials are used or used improperly.  The tip are being offered by hobby people just like you and must be thought out before you choose to try one.  You are responsible for your own safety. If you have any doubts or are concerned about any aspect of foundry work you should not be doing it. 
here is a link to a site with good safety information .

Title of Tips Link ( just click)
Beginning making lost foam castings Link to text
Lost Foam Pattern for a casting Link to text
Furnace build report, Steve Huck, 6/2009 Link to text

Gallery of castings and Engines

Raw  backyard castings and the resulting engines.  Click on a pictures for more details.

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Links Link ( just click), simple and as affordable as possible, free step-by-step pages, how to make flasks, mix your own sand and even how to make home made furnaces


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