In the beginning, FAME consisted of 67 Florida resident, small gas engine builders.  A newsletter to link members proved to be expensive and time consuming. 

FAME has no officers, no dues, and only some basic guidelines.  Membership is open to all builders, collectors, designers, and owners of all types of model engines.  Membership has only three requirements, proper identification, participation in galleries and discussions, and conduct that is appropriate for a friendly technical discussion.

Membership entitles you to share and exchange related knowledge, technology, tips, information and friendship.  I am sure the membership can supply a logical answer to your question, suggest a procedure to produce or a solution to correct any aspect of model engineering.

Share with us your history, accomplishments, techniques, and photos.  Enjoy the art of Model Engineering and your Engine Buddies by being an active member of the Florida Association of Model Engineers.

Bob Shores, Founder

Happy Trails        12/6/2001

On May 19th 2004 Bob Shores passed away. 
All of us who knew him will miss him, his advice and opinionated ways.
There is a special section in the Gallery to celebrate his work and the work of those who have built his engines.

This site will support his memory and work.      David Kerzel

David Kerzel's MESSAGE  to members

The web site has been in operation since  December 2001 and has taken form and become more than just a gallery of engines.  This is mainly due to the quality information and pictures sent by you members.

The association welcomes all model engine builders worldwide.  Please feel free to just view the site and enjoy the craftsmanship.  I hope it inspires some of you to build your first engine.  When you do, please join and show you work.

The Gallery continues to be a major focal point showing the wonderful engines and craftsmanship of the members.  A new type of gallery entry has been added showing in-progress pictures of engines as they are being built.  These in-progress pages show techniques and details that may not be obvious.

The message board contains interesting and thoughtful questions and responses about construction problems and actually getting the engines to run.

Other areas that include pictures from various events and tips about how to do things help share ideas and experiences.

I hope to start a new area to post drawings, plans, or papers on the site.  If you have any of these items to share, please contact me.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement, please let me know. 

                                         David Kerzel  Cofounder , Editor, Webmaster   7/19/2004


"Florida Association of Model Engineers SM"  is a registered Service Mark of and David Kerzel web site is provided by David Kerzel to promote the hobby of model engine building.