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Cabin Fever  Expo      York Pa. Fairgrounds convention & Expo center, January  16 and 17, 2010

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N.A.M.E.S.        North American Model Engineering EXPO,   

The 22nd annual exposition of the North American Model Engineering Society will be held April 30 - May 1, 2011 at the Southgate Civic Center, 14700 Reaume Parkway, Southgate Michigan 48195. 

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GEARS       GEARS 2011,  September 29 & 30 2012  in Portland Oregon


                                      Photos from 2004 Show by Richard Williams
Photos from 2005 Show by Steve Bazin

                                               Photos from 2006 show by Steve Bazin

                                               Photos from 2006 show with captions by Carl Carlsen

                                                Photos from 2007 show from Steve and Mark Bazin

                                      Photos from 2008 show from Steve Bazin

                                      Photos from 2008 show with captions by Carl Carlsen

                                      Photos from 2009 show with captions by Carl Carlsen

                                      Photos from 2011 show with captions by Steve & Mark Bazin


Western Engine and Model Exhibition.   

This year it will be held on August 26-28, 2011 at the Pleasanton, CA fairgrounds.


We are actually inside the 25th Annual Goodguys hot rod show where about

3,500 hot rods are exhibited to around 150,000 people. We have had a 50 foot booth there in past years but this year they gave us an entire pavilion (we are one of the major crowd pleasers).


Anyway, we’ll have some notable models there including Lou Chenot’s Duesenberg, Clen Tomlinson’s Deltic (over from the UK), Jim Moyer’s 1/6th scale small block, Eugene Corl’s cast iron 1/3rd scale small block, Ron Bement’s Ardun Ford, Roger Butzen’s, flathead Ford and His ¼ scale Hemi. And it will be the first official showing of the Black Widow V-8 by Ken Hurst and Dwight Giles. Plus all the normal engines that the Bay Area Engine Modelers can put on the table. Should be quite a show.


The show Web site is www.wemeshow.com


Mid-East Ohio Model Engineering Expo.    Zanesville OH,

Click here for more infoHere for map

                                                Photos From 2009 show by Dale Detrich
                                                Photos From 2011 show by Dale Detrich

Black Hills Model engineering Show      

The web address for the show is http://www.blackhillsmodelengineeringshow.net/

the Black Hills Show.  2008 will be the 8th annual show and it will be held on September 20 & 21st  in Rapid City, South Dakota.



Iron Fever  Expo      York Pa. Fairgrounds convention & Expo center, August 13 and 14, 2005

                                        Members Photos  2003
                                        Members Photos  2004
                                        Members Photos 2005


 Manitoba Agricultural Museum Event                        July 24-27 2008

            More Information http://www.ag-museum.mb.ca/                                  Poster


Echtdampf - hallentreffen       2008  in Sinsheim , Germany

                                      Photos from 2008 Show by Peter Pereszlenyi
                                      Photos from 2009 Show by Peter Pereszlenyi


Florida Marine Museum Exhibition         

                  Saturday and Sunday, the 3rd and 4th  of February, 2007.

                  Manatee Conference Center, Palmetto, Florida

                    Photos from the 2007 Show by David Kerzel


The event is patterned after the model engineering exhibitions that have been held for many years in Great Britain. Over 150 ship, boat and engine models were on display last year in the large exhibition rooms of the Manatee Conference Center, and the program was the subject of a three-page, full color spread in a European modeling periodical. This year, the groups will add a venue for model engineers involved with miniature railroads and stationary model engines.

PRIME        Pacific Rim International Model Engineering,   Eugene Oregon, September

                                         Photos for 2003 Show

                                                    Members Photos by Mike Neal 2002

                                          Members Photos by Gary Hart 2002

PIONEER PARK DAYS         March 3rd through 7th 2004

                                                        Photos mostly of model engines, March 2, 2002



Florida Flywheelers         Antique Engine Club,  Sanford, Florida



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