New Model Engine Inspection and Trouble Shooting


This is a collection of thoughts, problems, and techniques about getting that hit and miss model engine you just built to actually run.  It is about model engines, primarily hit and miss with one cylinder.  I expect to add more sections as time permits.

Much advice has been given to me by Florida Association of Model Engineers members.  This is a compilation of that advice and my personal experiences.

This information is not the only way to do or solve any of the problems and topics discussed, it is intended as a starting point for trouble shooting and understanding.

I recognize some of my ideas and beliefs are slightly different than some of you may believe.  I can accept you ideas and convictions and I hope you will consider some of these possibilities.

Please let me know if you find it helpful, if you find errors, if you find it misleading, if you want to add a section or know of another possibility.  I am willing to include alternate opinions and ideas on any topic.

David Kerzel


Table of Contents

Carburetors  2/8/2003

Fuel Testing  2/8/2003




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